Ryebank Fields Update

Chorlton CLT has been invited, along with other community groups, to make written representations about Ryebank Fields to landowner MMU’s Board of Governors which meets in March.  We have decided not to write in at this point.  We don’t want our position to interpreted as simply being “pro development” and in opposition to groups who don’t want any development at all.  If these groups are successful in convincing MMU not to sell the land the CLT will be happy to accept this position.

Should the response from MMU be that they still intend to sell the land for development the CLT will continue working on a “Plan B” to seek to get the best possible development for local people in terms of long term ownership and stewardship of the land, affordable and zero carbon homes, a cohousing community for over 50s, exemplar design quality, with protection and enhancement of the natural and historic environment.