Ryebank Fields Update: Oct 2020

As stated previously the CLT Board decided not to put a paper to the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) governing body who discussed the Fields at their meeting at the end of March, 2020 so as not to stand in the way of those campaigning against any development.  Despite groups making submissions asking the governors not to sell the land for housing and presenting alternative uses, the governors decided to progress with the sale.  Since then asbestos has been found on the site at surface level.  MMU has commissioned more site investigations, installed fencing and urged local residents not to access the land.

The results of the site investigations have been published on the MMU website and they have now marketed the land to developers.

The CLT’s position is that if MMU proceed to sell the land for development we will work on “Plan B” to seek to get the best possible development for local people in terms of long term ownership and stewardship of the land, affordable and zero carbon homes, a cohousing community, exemplar design quality, with protection and enhancement of the natural and historic environment. As part of this we have now sent a questionnaire to members to ascertain their views on the big issues that are important to them as the sale process starts. We will use the feedback to help create a document to be available to developers so that they are informed about the priorities of CLT members at the earliest opportunity.