Chorlton Community Land Trust has its roots in a meeting of local residents held late in 2017. This was in response to a proposal by Manchester Metropolitan University to sell the land at Ryebank Fields for executive homes.

The core group, which formed after our first meeting became Chorlton Community Led Housing Group. Membership includes people whose first preference is no development. They, like others, want to influence any plan that should go ahead, and to press for environmentally sensitive and socially useful ideas to be implemented. We have been lucky to attract people with knowledge of social housing, green infrastructure, community work, carbon reduction, co-housing and other relevant skills.

We have held local meetings and events which have helped us develop an alternative vision for the development of the Fields. Our formation in April 2019 as Chorlton Community Land Trust (as a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society) gives us the potential to take our vision further as it enables us to own and care for the land; and support affordable housing in perpetuity.