Dominic Stanger

I am a Chartered Surveyor, working for an independent company based in the city centre. I have a professional and personal interest in the built environment, and believe passionately that it has a huge influence on the quality of the life we lead.

I have lived in Chorlton for 25 years, although have recently just moved over the border into Old Trafford. I am a huge fan of the area. I love how diverse and vibrant it is, and but can see what potential there is to make it even better, and believe that Chorlton CLT is a great vehicle for local people to influence changes in the area that will make a real positive impact.

I also believe that we have a duty to future generations to make sure that any new buildings we put up make the absolute minimal contribution towards global emissions, and this belief aligns closely with the policies of the CLT. I am therefore very pleased to be involved.