Sian Richards

I’ve lived in Chorlton for almost 40 years, my children attended local schools, and we have been part of various youth, creative, faith and community groups during that time. I love living in Chorlton. I love its diversity and creativity, and shop locally for my day to day needs.

I work as a software engineer, on traffic management projects. In my spare time I am involved with Carbon Co-op (reducing domestic carbon emissions), Manchester Urban CoHousing (building a supportive sustainable intentional community), Walk Ride Chorlton (reducing transport carbon emissions and improving air quality) and Open Voice choir (good for the soul)), as well as Chorlton CLT.

I believe passionately that a Community Land Trust is well placed to take action against the climate emergency, working with other organisations to reduce domestic carbon emissions, to improve health, to increase biodiversity and to show what is possible when ordinary people come together to change the ‘business as usual’ mindset.