Stayin’ Alive crowdfunding campaign


The Stayin’ Alive crowdfunding website at is now up and running. Follow the link for the campaign video, more information and to make a pledge.

To have any chance of saving the Gaumont – the building that housed the Bee Gees first live performance – we need to quickly show the owners that we have support and are a viable partner, with a reasonable plan to save the building and transform it into a community asset.

Stayin’ Alive pledge update

In the first 48 hours we have managed to raise over £25,000 worth of pledges on the dedicated crowdfunding site

The good news doesn’t stop there. The Stayin’ Alive campaign has been approved for match funding from the community shares booster programme. This means that they will match all investments pound for pound up to £100k! So each pledge is now worth double. There’s still a long way to go but we’re getting there!

Staying alive: a community-led bid for the Co-op Funeralcare building

On Thursday 26 September, more than 60 people turned up to a meeting organised by the Chorlton Co-op Cluster at Oswald Road primary school. The purpose of the meeting was to hear about plans to save the former Gaumont cinema where the Bee Gees first performed, now the Co-op Funeralcare building, from development as retirement flats.

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