Our vision

Our vision is that local people will be in full control of the design and development of their homes, and the long-term stewardship of the places where they live.

We aim to

  • provide a variety of housing types and tenures to meet local need
  • prioritise affordable housing, primarily for local people affected by rising house prices
  • create shared community spaces to foster neighbourliness, wellbeing and environmental awareness
  • invest in low/zero carbon technologies and building efficiency
  • protect and enhance the natural environment through habitat diversity, wildlife corridors and sustainable drainage
  • promote the use of car free areas, car sharing initiatives, electric vehicle charging points and cycle infrastructure
  • seek opportunities to engage with other community organisations and the wider community for mutual benefit
  • employ age-friendly design and management principles
  • retain land and property in permanent community ownership through a Community Land Trust (CLT)
  • operate as a not-for-profit CLT accountable to its members