Scott Lockwood

photo of Scott Lockwood
Scott Lockwood

I’ve lived in Chorlton since graduating at the University of Manchester and have really fallen in love with the place and the people.

I first noticed the CLT when reading about the horrifying plans to demolish the former Gaumont cinema and for the land to be used for flats. However, I was enthused by reading the vision of the CLT with the aim of turning it into a community owned hub, something I feel would add such significant value to the area.

Being a part of the team at Chorlton CLT is something that appeals to me due to the fact that it is a community led organisation built on the concept of co-operation, something which I have experience with working for a worker’s co-operative. Having faced numerous disputes with landlords over the past few years, I appreciate the importance of individuals having a say and the power to impact the community in which they live.

I currently work as an ACA qualified accountant for a workers co-operative operating within the non-for-profit sector, including a range of Community Land Trusts across the country. I feel my experience as working as an accountant across a range of sectors, including alongside CLT’s has given me the skills and knowledge I need to be able to thrive in the role and offer a positive contribution to the goals and mission of Chorlton CLT.