Becoming a Member of Chorlton CLT

Joining Chorlton CLT

Chorlton CLT welcomes applications from anyone who supports our work irrespective of disability, gender, race, religion, sex or sexuality.

Key facts on membership are listed below.

For further information see our Membership Policy and the Rules of Chorlton Community Land Trust Limited.

Read about our current live projects: Ryebank Fields and The Picture House. (also known as Stayin’ Alive)


Membership is open to

  • individuals aged 18 or over
  • organisations, both unincorporated bodies and corporate bodies

Members must support the Vision and Aims of Chorlton CLT, and agree to abide by the Chorlton CLT Members Code of Conduct. Please make sure you have read these before continuing.

Membership requires the purchase of one share to the value of £1. Additional donations are welcome.

All membership applications are referred to the Board for approval.

Members Benefits

  • Members can volunteer to support the work of the CLT
  • Members can attend and vote at the AGM and regular General Meetings
  • Members can stand for election to the Board
  • Members can vote in the election of Directors to the Board
  • Members can receive regular newsletters
  • Members can take part in surveys relevant to the work of the CLT

Ending membership

Members may resign at any time by informing the membership secretary in writing at

Register of Members

Your name and address will be recorded in the CLT’s Register of Members.

Your application

By submitting the application form, you are applying to become a member of Chorlton CLT.

Chorlton CLT is committed to keeping your personal information safe. Please read our privacy notice here.

To apply, please complete and submit this application form.