Key Findings from the Chorlton Picture House Social Value Consultation

In February 2020 members of the CLT were invited to a consultation workshop to discuss the benefits they would like to see from the Picture House project. Their contributions were grouped within 4 themes – ‘Strength of community’, ‘Health and wellbeing’, ‘The building and the environment’ and ‘Jobs and the local economy’. This enabled a set of social value outcomes to be developed for each theme.

Strong local ownershipCulture and the arts flourishResilient/ sustainable design and infrastructureBusiness is commercially viable and sustainable
Vibrant diversity of building useGood mental and physical healthHigh quality public and green spacesDecent jobs and opportunities for local people
Accessible to all – physically, economically and culturallyHealth services are responsive to local needThe building celebrates local history and heritageEntrepreneurs are supported and celebrated
Strong local identity and distinctive characterSustainable transportation is celebratedHealthy local air qualitySkills and knowledge transfers across the generations
Thriving social networksFood is locally sourced and promotes good healthThe building fosters well beingYoung people have the skills, experience and knowledge for future work
Local needs and wants are recognised  The local supply chain is supported and grown  

The CLT were planning a further workshop to identify the opportunities and how to achieve these outcomes. Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic put paid to meeting face to face and instead members were invited to continue the consultation by email. The CLT is most grateful for the valuable contributions from members which enabled a strategy to be written, and next steps to be identified. Read more about the opportunities and tasks identified in the Social Value Consultation and Strategy report