MMU select preferred developers

MMU have announced today that their preferred developers for Ryebank Fields are Step Places/Southway Housing Trust.

Chorlton Community Land Trust’s position on Ryebank Fields is that should development go ahead, we wish to engage proactively with MMU and their selected development partners to ensure an exemplar development which, amongst other features, maximises affordable housing and has high levels of environmental sustainability. 

Last year, through MMU, our Board engaged with the shortlisted developers including Step Places/Southway Housing Trust to challenge them on how far they would comply with the broad range of expectations and aspirations that we developed with members. We will be providing a further update to our members on our involvement in this process.

Although plans will be evolving we hope that our engagement to date has helped MMU select the developers whose proposals will align most closely to the aspirations of our members, and particularly on the need for further meaningful community involvement in the next phase of the process. CCLT will be working to encourage Step Places/Southway Housing Trust to further engage with us and with other members of the local community as they develop more detailed plans for Ryebank Fields.